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Project Management

Manage and invoice projects faster than ever, manage tasks, assigns tasks and do many more!

Create Estimates

Create estimate in a minute.Ability to auto convert the estimate to invoice after customer accepts.

Invoice Creation

Create invoices in one click and have it sent directly to your customers instantly and much more!

Create Awesome Proposals

Create good looking proposals that wins the heart of your prospective clients using our powerful editor with multimedia support.

Leads Management

Keep track of leads and progress, attach files, auto import from email and many more!

Keep Track of Payments

Record and receive payments in different currencies. Customers can pay through email and have their receipts.

Track Expenses

Record company expenses. Set up a recurring expense and many more!

Customer Support

Auto-response available. Private ticket staff notes, ticket assignments, attachments, predefined ticket replies and many more!

Knowledge Base

Add knowledge base articles from text editor. “Did you find this article useful?” vote included in clients area.

Track Contracts

Create PDF documents in a minute and and directly send to your customers automatically. Ability to send customer reminders before contracts expiry and many more!

Staff Tasks

Assign task to multiple employees, add task followers, task comments allowed, task attachments.

Create Surveys

Create surveys and impress your customers. Add your question and improve your company productivity.


Have an accurate view of all your company events, invoice, expiry dates, contracts expiration, estimate expiration, and task deadlines.

Track Goals

Setup goals and tracking achievements. Notify staff members about failure or achievement. Tracking everything.

Company Newsfeed

Share great company events, upload documents, easy employees communications and many more for your staff to access when they log in.

Add Custom Fields

Available Custom fields for most of the important features. You can add custom fields to PDF invoices, estimates etc and many more!

Quick Reports

Reports Sales, Item Reports, Total report income, Reports by customer, Custom date picker, Leads Conversions Knowledge base articles and many more!

Survey Reports

Create powerful survey reports.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, you can use Workhub without internet on a localhost installation but you will lose the benefits of some features for example:

  1. Dropbox file chooser
  2. real-time notifications.
  3. Auto updates.
  4. Google reCaptcha
  5. Media
  6. All Online payment gateways
  7. E-Signature (v2.0.0 and above)

Unfortunately not, the PDF documents are only generated in LTR (Left to Right) format. 

The reminders feature in Dawati is designed for staff members, the member will be notified about some action they need to take (eq. Call customer, Schedule meeting), this option allows you to never forget anything about your customers.
When you set up reminder for staff member in a specific date the staff member will get notification built-in and email if the field to send an email to this staff member is checked.

Currently available reminders:

  • Customers
  • Leads
  • Expenses
  • Estimate
  • Invoices
  • Proposals
  • Credit Notes
  • Tasks

A non-staff member is a feature in Workhub which allows you to have a member like a contract worker to work on projects, meaning that the staff member is not actually an employee in your company but it’s a freelancer/contractor.  Some areas of the CRM is disabled for non staff members.

Here is a list of the disabled features for non staff members.

  1. Announcements
  2. Newsfeed wall
  3. Leads
  4. Support – Default is NO you can adjust this for your needs at Setup->Settings->Tickets
  5. Public Calendar Events
  6. Google Calendar Events
  7. Goals.

You can add if you want other Permissions to this staff member like Invoice [VIEW] permission and this staff member will be able to access.

If you need to set a user as non staff member navigate to Setup->Staff open the user and check the checkbox field Not Staff Member

If you have any general questions don’t hesitate to contact us on for support questions you can open support ticket at

If the logged staff member is not administrator won’t be able to see all media library data. Each staff member has a separate folder inside the media/ folder in your server except the administrators. The attachments the none admin staff member upload will go to their own folder. In future if you make this staff member admin then will be able to see all media uploads.

To hide the help menu item navigate to Setup -> Settings -> Misc and set Show help menu item on setup menu to No

The export from the table works like this only in the current view so if a lot of data is found in the database we can prevent a crash that’s how the datatables export work. You will need to export by page. Additionally you can select All from the top left dropdown above the table headings and wait to load all the data from the database.

In some countries customer details are required to be on the left side. With Dawtai you can achieve this very easy by navigating to Setup->Settings->PDF and set Swap Company/Customer Details to YES

Save the settings.

Now on all PDF documents your company details will be shown on the right side of the PDF document and your customer details will be on the left.

Workhub does not support 3 decimal places for a number.

If you don’t want transactions/payments to be shown on the invoice pdf document you can turn off by navigating to Setup->Settings->PDF and set to NO Show invoice payments (transactions) on PDF

There is protection implemented to keep the numbers without gaps, by default delete is only allowed on the last created estimate/invoice. If you don’t need this protection navigate to Setup->Settings->Finance and find:

  1. Delete estimate allowed only on last estimate – Set to NO
  2. Decrement estimate number on delete – Set to NO

These settings can be applied too in case you want to delete only 1 invoice/estimate and after you delete reset the settings to YES again.

Repeat the same steps for invoices if needed.